This repair was peformed in Flemington New Jersey by Dent Busters. The customer was visiting his daughter for the holidays, when his son in law accidentally backed into the corner of his pickup truck. In order to fix the dent, I had to remove the tail light so that Icould gain access and have leverage to pry behind the dent. I then used heat to warm up the paint and metal so that it would make it easier to fix the damage. This also prevets the paint from cracking. Using a variety of long metal rods, I then begain to push and massage the metal back to its original position. The overall repair was very simple, excpet for the fact that there was a body line going through the middle of the dent. Body lines are usually a structural part of the panel and tend to require more force to be pushed out. The repair from start to finish was about 3.5 hours and the result was perfect. The customer couldn’t believe how well it looked. The whole time he was fascinated with the art of paintless dent repair. Feel free to call us @ 908-310-5701 if you have any questions about this repair or if you have a dent on your vehicle that you would like fixed as well. You can also send an email to